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May 14 2018




Buyers and international press from all over the world confirm Milan as

the capital of Artistic Perfumery
Milan, 5 – 8 April 2018

The Mall, Piazza Lina Bo Bardi | Porta Nuova

Milan, 11 April 2018 | An over 10% increase in the turnout of buyers, sector operators, international
press and visitors coming from 70 countries for the tenth edition of Esxence has confirmed Milan
as a business capital and a trendsetter for the next several years in the field of artistic perfumery.
The event, which took place from 5 to 8 April at The Mall in Milan, featured many fragrance
excellences created by some of the biggest brands and the best noses and researchers in the
business. These — along with retailers, buyers, professionals and enthusiasts that make up the
refined, authentic olfactory culture—contribute to the growth of an important part of the alcohol-
based perfumery market, which has high potential for growth and is currently enjoying a rapid and
constant world-wide expansion. Esxence’s mission is to continue to propose increasingly
fascinating and innovative new objectives and challenges.
The attendance success of Esxence—over 10% compared to the 2017 edition—confirms the event
as an international venue par excellence and an industry-leading not-to-miss appointment—two
facts further established by the presence of 220 selected artistic perfumery and designer
cosmetic brands and a rich calendar of events open to the public attending year-after-year.
-220 brands—over 3.6% increase compared to 2017—divided into 81 Main Brands, 108 Spotlight
Brands and 31 cosmetic brands—over 60% increase compared to 2017—for the fourth edition of
Esxkin – The Excellence of Beauty, the exclusive exhibition area dedicated to niche skincare;
– 63 brands that have exhibited for the first time;
– 5000 square meters of exhibition space;
– 20 countries of origin of the brands (Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, United
Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Holland, Principality of Monaco, Qatar, United
Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey);
– 65% of total exhibitors are from abroad;
– 10% increase in visitors compared to 2017 between operators and the public, coming from
70 countries;
-55% of operators versus the total number of visitors to the exhibition;
-18 conferences and meetings on the events calendar, open to enthusiasts from the general
public and professionals in the field, with some of the most influential players in the world. The
events included a round table devoted to exhibitors and operators, which examined the
accomplishments of these first 10 years and the objectives for the future and 2 conferences
dedicated to distribution and business opportunities for artistic perfumery in the Far East.
"We have created the cult of designer perfumery,” says Maurizio Cavezzali, president of Equipe
International and co-founder of Esxence. "Today, the world looks to us to discover the trends
and the major players in the sector. Esxence is the result of careful planning and intense research
to create an independent event that stands out for the very high quality of its proposals. 85% of the
world’s most important brands attend Esxence every year. However, Esxence is also a

springboard for emerging brands—though only those that have quality and capacity are
admitted—and some go on to become famous as have many of those that also debuted at
Escence. All this in a sector that is still a niche, where the margins of growth and sales potential
are huge.”
"Esxence has been able to give international artistic perfumery an identity and consistency while
becoming the sector’s most important meeting point and opportunity incubator in the process—a
reality that now counts hundreds of operators and thousands of passionate consumers. In the ten
years Esxence has been its guide and inspiration, the sector has enjoyed a double-digit sales
growth,” says Esxence’s co-founder, Silvio Levi. "As a consequence of our work, not only has
the awareness of quality perfumery grown, so has the understanding of its aesthetic and innovative
value, which makes us consider it now as real art. Over the centuries perfume has transformed
from being an element of perdition—a sinful manifestation of the devil—to, not only being
accepted, but also a means of expressing ourselves and a way to state our style. Others recognize
us not only by our appearance or how we speak, but also from our fragrance. There is often a
complex, fascinating story behind the few truly great perfumes that emerge from a sea of
mediocrity. With only seven notes you can write a catchy tune or a Beethoven symphony—same
raw material, but entirely different results. The solfeggio for a perfumer, however, is much longer
and more complicated than that of a musician because the "notes" he needs to know are more
than 3,000 and those that he will constantly use will be at least 300. Perhaps this explains why
only a few perfumers have donated true olfactory masterpieces to humanity, but the time has come
to give their creations the same artistic value as painting or music."
Esxence is not just a place to meet, to exchange ideas, or make contact—it is also business. The
perfume sector is—in economic terms—quite a significant share of the market. Designer perfumery
in Italy was around 12.5% of the alcohol-based category in 2016, with retail sales of over 200
million euros—or about 2% of the 9 billion euros in total retail sales for the Italian “beauty” market.
These values represent a market—in rapid and constant expansion—that is still wide open and
ripe for exploration. While the artistic perfume market in Italy is well established, there are still
many “virgin” countries that have yet to see this segment of the alcohol-based perfume market
flourish. In 2017, sales in Russia surpassed those in France and made Russia—which is also very
receptive to niche perfume—the third most important fragrance market in the world.
In 2016, 90% of consumers in the United States used fragrance products and the market-share
there for gender-neutral fragrances reached 54%. It is no coincidence that artistic perfumery, which
in fact, consists of almost all unisex fragrances, has had an influence on the commercial perfume
industry that is now proposing a growing number of gender-neutral fragrance products. Italian
artistic perfumery—which has grown by 12% from 1995 to 2015 with sales multiplying by 9.65 in
the past twenty years—has seen numerous new brands appear, start down the “niche path”, then
abandon it in favor of masstige (products that are premium, but affordable). The increasing
demand in recent years from the Middle East for artistic fragrances has also influenced parent
companies’ formulation choices to meet the tastes of this new clientele, which habitually mixes
fragrances—wearing up to seven different ones at the same time.
In 2020, the United Arab Emirates is foreseen to become the number-one country for per capita
consumption of beauty products. The UAE currently ranks seventh with regard to Italian exports,
with a turnover of around 135 million euros. Euromonitor International predicts that also in 2020
Iran will hold the number-two position in the Middle East for the consumption of cosmetics and
perfumes, behind first-place Saudi Arabia with its estimated market-value at almost 2.5 billion

This data could not but affect the artistic perfumery industry—which has its sights set on these new
realities and has every intention of “colonizing” them to acquire new markets.
This year the finalists of the fifth edition of the Art and Olfaction Awards were announced at
Esxence. The winners of this prestigious, Los Angeles-based, international award for independent
perfumers will be proclaimed on April 21st during an award ceremony held at The Tabernacle in
Artisan Category:
• Bee's Bliss by Sonoma Scent Studio, USA – Nose: Laurie Erickson;
• Chienoir by BedeauX, United Kingdom – Nose: Amanda Beadle;
• Cigar Rum by Strangers Parfumerie, Thailand – Nose: Prim Lomros;
• Club Design by The Zoo, United States/Germany – Nose: Christophe Laudamiel;
• Impressions de Giverny by Fort and Manlé, Australia – Nose: Rasei Fort;
• Morah by Pryn Parfum, Thailand – Nose: Prim Lomros;
• Silphium by Stora Skuggan, Sweden – Nose: Tomas Hempel & Olle Hemmendorff;
• Touchstone by Aether Arts Perfume, United States – Nose: Amber Jobin;
• Villa M by Paul Schütze Perfume, United Kingdom – Nose: Paul Schütze;
• Wonderly by The House of Oud, Italy – Nose: Andrea Casotti.
Independent Category:
• A.E.O.M. by Bijon, Germany – Nose: Cécile Zarokian for Oliver Babic;
• Ankh Sun Amon by Anima Mundi, Switzerland – Nose: Cristian Calabrò with Andrea Casotti for
Emilia Cinigò;
• Cocoa Aztèque by Perris Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco – Nose: Mathieu Nardin for Gian
Luca Perris;
• Elephant by Zoologist, Canada – Nose: Chris Bartlett for Victor Wong;
• Eau de Virginie by Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger, France – Nose: Jean-Claude Gigodot for
Virginie Roux;
• London by Gallivant, United Kingdom – Nose: Karine Chevallier for Nick Steward;
• Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir, France / Australia – Nose: Isabelle Doyen for Naomi Goodsir
and Renaud Coutaudier;
• Osang by Talimans Preziosa Collection, Italy – Nose: Giovanni Festa for Stefania Squeglia;
• Pink Heart V.6 by Map of the Heart, Australia – Nose: Jacques Huclier and Nisrine Bouazzaoui
Grillie for Sarah, Jeffrey Darling and Giovanna Aicardi;
• Rose Olivier by Bastide, France – Nose: Mathieu Nardin for Frédéric Fekkai and Pierre
Sadakichi Award, dedicated to experimental essence projects:
• Olfactory Games, Japan / Holland – Maki Ueda;
• Under the Horizon, Colombia / United Kingdom – Oswaldo Macià;
• Smoke Flowers, Belgium – Peter de Cupere with IFF;
• Whoa! (Pineapple Nails), Canada – Aleesa Cohene;
• The Library of Smell, Japan / Germany – Hisako Inoue with Anne Marr.

A digital press kit is available at:
Password: esxence2018

Esxence is an event organized by: Equipe International
With the contribution of: In Lombardy and the Lombardy Region
Under the patronage of: the Municipality of Milan and the Metropolitan City of Milan
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